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"I use wellness as a way to understand more about myself, about others and about the world around me. Everything we do in life is simply a tool for greater understanding. Passing along those tools and that philosophy is a beautiful thing and something we can all do for one another."

Grahm Baker (IG: @instagrahmbaker) is the founder and owner of A Better You Fitness & Martial Arts, who’s aim is to provide an honest, holistic approach to health, fitness and overall wellness. Grahm has worked with hundreds of men, women and children, providing them with tools and practices to greatly improve their health and happiness.

By using physical fitness and nutrition as a tool to reach people on a deeper emotional and spiritual level, Grahm has been able to dramatically change his clients lives for the better, as well as change their views on wellness as a whole.

Grahm currently coaches corporate executives and companies on reaching their goals, as well as teaching private and group classes on physical fitness, self defense and mental & emotional wellness throughout Los Angeles. To book Grahm for coaching or speaking, please use the form below.

Grahm’s mission and passion is to guide people toward a healthy and honest lifestyle founded in awareness, empathy, hard work and achievement. Giving them the tools to not only enrich their own lives but to pass that mindset and those practices on to the people around them.

What we do is simple, not easy.
— Grahm Baker