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Grahm has had tremendous success in getting his clients to reach their weight and strength goals in only 3 months. .

By combining a custom home workout plan and a non-restrictive nutrition plan, in combination with 1 on 1 sessions with Grahm, you will be able to drop body fat and build muscle safely and quickly. The goal here is to teach you how to maintain your new healthy lifestyle after the 12 week program has finished.

This is ideal for clients who can be very consistent, follow a plan and who want dramatic results, fast.



Through online coaching, Grahm is able to work with you on your wellness goals no matter your distance or schedule. By communicating via video chat and email, he will be able to create a detailed plan, based on your specific needs that will allow you to meet and exceed your goals.

Through video conferencing and email, Grahm will be to address any questions, make corrections, as well as maintain positive motivation and momentum for you to reach what you’re after.

This is ideal if you’re out of town and/or schedule fluctuates greatly.



High level leaders and executives all over the world understand the benefits in working directly with a professional to reach their goals. By making your wellness and personal development a top priority, you are able to put that back into your business to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Contact Grahm today for a phone consultation to take yourself and your business to the level you dream of.

This is ideal for professionals looking for a high level of individualized attention and who can follow through with a set game plan.

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To have Grahm speak at your event or if you wish to setup a seminar on health, fitness, wellness, self-defense, please contact Grahm using the form below.



One of Grahms passions is working with businesses to develop daily practices for wellness and help establish and cultivate an internal culture of focus, honesty, teamwork and follow through.

Often times executive teams are held back by not working together cohesively toward their common goals. By experiencing healthy wellness practices together and sharing in their positive benefits, your team members will feel a tremendous sense of camaraderie. This also develops a self-sustainable positive environment of hard work and motivation.

The physical, mental and emotional health of your employees is deeply important to the quality of their work and longevity of their time with your company. By providing the tools for them to enrich their personal lives and work lives, you can ensure the health of your business as well.

This is ideal for corporations and business owners looking to greatly enrich and enhance the performance and wellness of their employees and service.

Personal Training


By working with Grahm 1 on 1, you will get the most comprehensive and personalized experience available. From detailed workout and nutrition plans, boxing and martial arts training, to goal setting and examinations determining why you are feeling resistance in reaching those goals. Personal training provides a safe, comfortable and challenging environment where it’s all about you and your goals.

This is ideal for clients who prefer to develop themselves outside of a group and enjoy a high level of detail, accountability and personalized attention/instruction.

Group Training


Putting a group together requires a minimum of 4 people and can range in lessons on strength & conditioning, joint mobility, stretching, boxing, martial arts, self defense, breathing, meditation and more.

By working in a group, you can build strong camaraderie, share in group goals and develop skill sets alongside of your friends, family and/or coworkers.

This is ideal for clients looking for a high energy group dynamic and enjoy being motivated by their training partners.



Grahm has been training and teaching self defense and martial arts for 19 years and has extensive experience in training and competition, as well as real world situations.

He has studied and utilized various systems of Filipino Martial Arts, Western Boxing, Kickboxing, Internal Systems and more.

All of this experience comes together to provide a very simple, honest and effective approach to self defense.

This is ideal for students looking for discipline, focus, to protect themselves/loved ones and who are ready and willing to put the time in to develop real world skill sets.

For booking inquiries, contact Grahm using the form below.