He’s gotten me into AMAZING shape and pushed me way beyond anything I thought I was capable of. He’s been a constant inspiration and motivation in and out of class and helped me improve my self esteem and confidence. I’ve also stayed sober for 8 years now! I’ve loved these changes in my life so much, that I decided to become a personal trainer too so I can spread this positivity as well.

Elle R.
Los Angeles, CA

I can not recommend Grahm's training enough. I am someone who DOES NOT enjoy working out (at all )...and yet, I truly looked forward to Grahm's classes every week. He has a very no-shame approach - both to your starting skill level, and to wellness/lifestyle - and also consistently challenges you to outperform yourself, from wherever YOU are at (and you alone). I believe this is his secret sauce not only to personal improvement in class, and also increasing self-confidence and general price of mind beyond your training session. I have also benefited so much from his encouragement and advice managing my weight and keeping mentally healthy during personally stressful times - both of which have been lifelong struggles. He also is great at leading group training - both in the class structure and keeping the energy up with everyone (even when we are all complaining...sorry! ). Thank you for everything Grahm!

Melissa K.
Deputy Superintendent of Bright Star Schools
Los Angeles, CA

I've been working with Grahm for a little over a year and it's shifted my entire perspective on my health and fitness. I've worked with other trainers in the past, and I'd always ended up feeling bad about the fact that I struggle with consistency and making good choices. Working with Grahm is completely different. When I struggle through a workout or lose motivation, he doesn't give me the same old "how bad do you want it" platitudes. He's honest about his own challenges and then uses his insight to help me work through mine. That said, as understanding as Grahm is, he's incredibly tough. He'll meet you where you're at but then push you to your limits. I walk away from sessions with him feeling accomplished and inspired to be the best version of my self. 

Eileen H.
Television Producer/Writer
Los Angeles, CA

Grahm is terrific! I have never been able to stick with a training program in my life, and Grahm makes it easy. He figures out what motivates you and helps you master not only the body game, but the mind game as well. Can't recommend him highly enough! 

Anoli P
Elementary School Principal
Los Angeles, CA

From the first moment I met Grahm, he has been nothing but a blessing in my life as a mental and physical trainer. When he shared his own personal story with me, it made me feel validated for where I am on my own journey. I knew that he was the exact personal trainer I needed: someone who I can relate to, who is supportive and encouraging, never judgmental, and all in all makes it about me and my growth. In and out of class, he has been an endless support system, and constantly encourages me to grow. It's not punitive or forced; it's a team effort. 

Throughout our personal training session, I am never bored, or doing the same mundane routine of squats, push-ups, curls. He is constantly mixing it up, and brings in exercises that I like and enjoy, not to mention kickboxing training. Whenever something becomes too easy, he finds a way to make it a bit more difficult. You won't get a one-size fits all with him; he learns about you, your body, and your goals, and plans accordingly.

As a personal trainer, mentor, shoulder to lean on, Grahm is the exact personal trainer I have always wanted in my life. I started personal training sessions with him June 12, and I've already met my goal for August 1 on July 24. Working out with Grahm, I want to be the best version of myself. I want to push myself further. I want to be strict with my diet and exercise routine because I know I'm not alone in this. He is selflessly here with me every step of the way.

Ramesh E.
Wholesale Account Manager
Monrovia, CA

First off - this review is long overdue! I met Grahm inside an LA Fitness gym while I was practicing Kenpo. I decided to stop practicing Kenpo shortly after because I felt Grahm fit my fitness/martial arts needs much more after talking to him. 

Keep in mind – By no means did Grahm ever try to recruit me. He offered tips and was genuinely supportive of me fulfilling my Kenpo goals. His genuine/sincere character, knowledge, natural willingness to help and supportive nature really sold me!

Grahm has an immense understanding of strength training, martial arts, endurance, nutrition, cardio and agility! He provides so much VALUE on top of his genuine character!  

He has introduced me to exercises that I never thought I could do and has made me more confident with my martial arts training and understanding of proper form and technique with various exercises. I have a better understanding of everything that encompasses a healthy lifestyle as well, due to him!  Exercises are constantly changing with no sense of monotony! He has no ego and is not full of himself! Expect to be pushed and challenged! Be honest with him as he is compassionate and understands. 

He will help support whatever goal you have in mind BUT remember to do your part! He will literally give you the tools, knowledge and support you need! He GENUINELY wants you succeed! 

Keep an open mind and remember what you signed up for!

Tiffany D.
Library Coordinator
Pasadena, CA

"Grahm is hands down, the best trainer around. Went from size 22 to size 10. Down 62 pounds! Stronger & wiser!!!! A Better You Fitness rocks!!!!!"

Peter C.
HR Manager
Los Angeles, CA

"Grahm with A Better You Fitness is an amazing personal trainer and fitness instructor. He has helped me reclaim my love for working out and living a healthy lifestyle. Some of the hardest workouts I have ever completed were with A Better You Fitness.  He knows just how far to push you without causing injury or making you want to give up. And he takes the time to explain how to do a movement properly and what muscle groups are affected.  

He not only cares about the goals you set for yourself, but he also takes an interest in your overall well-being.  Grahm is motivating and has a wealth of nutritional knowledge and can work with all fitness goals, whether it's losing weight, putting on muscle, etc. 

When I'm back on the West Coast, I'll be seeing Grahm often...as should you!"

Seth R.
Northridge, CA

"I've been doing martial arts and fitness stuff since I was a child, and I've had several different teachers. Grahm is the best. The fitness workouts are brutal and a lotta fun. 

He's a great motivator and he's also honest about everything."

Carrie L.
School Teacher
Woodland Hills, California

"A Better You Fitness has been helping me reach my goals for about 4 months now and am having great results! Grahm Baker is a personal trainer and Martial Artist who caters and develops both fitness plans and nutritional plans to meet your individual goals! I was scared when I first started personal training, but Grahm @ A Better You Fitness makes me feel so comfortable and inspired me to keep going! He pushes you when you need pushing and helps keep you on track! I have done exercises with Grahm that I never thought I would be able to do! His workouts are unbelievably creative and there is never a dull moment! He offers both group training classes and personal training! If you want a huge mixture and amazing variety of circuit training, core work, agility training, heavy intense cardio, boxing and MUCH more in every workout, then I HIGHLY recommend A Better You Fitness."

Jordan W.
Personal Trainer
Woodland Hills, California

"I have been training martial arts and physical conditioning with sifu Grahm for 8 years now. He's gotten me into AMAZING shape and pushed me way beyond anything I thought I was capable of. He's been a constant inspiration and motivation in and out of class and helped me improve my self esteem and confidence. I've learned so much about self defense, control, and discipline as well. Sifu has been such a positive influence on me, I've also stayed sober for 8 years now! I've loved these changes in my life so much, that I decided to become a personal trainer too so I can spread this positivity as well. I have become a very busy and successful trainer, but I still train with sifu Grahm as often as possible."

Jane R.
Au.D, Doctor of Audiology
Woodland Hills, California

"I have known Grahm for many years and have seen him evolve into an amazing personal trainer. Besides the science behind the exercise, there is an art in the ability to motivate people. And not everyone is the same. A great trainer like Grahm knows just how hard to push each individual and keep them coming back for more. If you want to be more fit, get stronger and have some fun while working out, Grahm would be the trainer for you."

Erica C.
HR Business Partner
Los Angeles, California

"Approximately two years ago I decided to take control over my lifestyle again and began to try various workouts. It was the heaviest I had ever been in my life and I was tired of finding excuses to not change things. I began to take up boxing and when I found out Grahm was a trainer/instructor I practically begged to work with him. I was in such sponge mode and all I wanted to do was learn more!

I have learned more from Grahm in the two years I've trained with him than I could have ever hoped for. I have seen plenty of instructors/trainers in my time, but Grahm is by far one of the most humble teachers I've had the pleasure of training with. He is calm, patient and most of all encouraging. He understands the elements of motivation, the effective ways and the not so effective ways. There isn't a moment during training that you don't feel the passion he has for his work. He truly is talented in what he does and brings to the table so much more than you'd ever anticipate. 

Two years later, here I am extremely grateful for the knowledge and motivation he continues to share with me that pushes me to continue being the best version of myself."

Kevin C.
Video Game Designer
Glendale, California

"I've been training with Grahm for about 7 years now and am in the best shape of my life. Not just physically, but also mentally. There's no way to list out all the things that I've learned during my time with him as there are just to many. He will definitely push you to your physical limits with intense workouts, but he keeps them fun and loose. He doesn't lord over you, but is instead right there by your side. He does not strive to belittle you or make you feel worthless like some trainers might. But he doesn't baby you either. He is your partner, genuinely invested in making you the best version of yourself that you can be. Think less drill sergeant and more Rocky and Mickey - he will make you push yourself because he'll motivate you to WANT to do more and WANT to improve. He practices what he preaches as well and is a constant source of inspiration to me, not just in my training, but also in how I deal with every day life. As we all know, life can get stressful, be it from work or from relationships or anything else. Grahm is always is ready to discuss anything and he'll tell you his honest opinion derived from his own experience. He's helped me view things from different perspectives and in ways that I wouldn't have on my own. 

In life, you meet a lot of people. Most will come and go. Some will become people you can rely on. But only a select few will change your life. Grahm is one of those few and that is no exaggeration. He's taught me how to be a better person, physically and mentally. I am proud and humbled to be able to call him an instructor, a trainer, a mentor, and most importantly, a friend."

Leigh W.
Sydney, Australia

"Grahm, thanks so much for your dedication and belief in all of us! In the 2-3 months I've been taking your classes I have seen such an amazing overall improvement in my confidence, self-esteem and self expression! I feel calmer and more centered and feel blessed to have a this family!"

Phillip B.
Video Game Professional
Glendale, CA

"Grahm is an excellent teacher of martial arts and physical fitness. Three weeks after hiring him as a personal trainer, I was surprising myself at how much my strength and stamina had increased in such a short time. His training methods are concise and his teaching style is firm but friendly. From the most serious student of martial arts to the casual worker just trying to be fit, Grahm has something to teach them."

Phillip P.
Production Sound Mixer
Woodland Hills, CA

"Grahm Baker. Martial Artist and self defense instructor. He's the best there is. Free your mind."

Linda W.
Event Planner
South Pasadena, CA

"Receiving my Black Belt in Kenpo Karate was one of the most memorable and defining moments of my life; however Grahm's teachings have taken my self-defense knowledge one step further and changed the way I think about martial arts. 

The classes focus on defending yourself from both the stand-up and ground positions. Each lesson demonstrates how the human body can be manipulated, even by a single finger. I always thought defending my life had to be about power, strength and size. I was wrong. The curriculum has taught me it’s about understanding simple body mechanics and knowing how to use what is available to me to defend myself. Grahm teaches basic moves that are effective and easy to remember. 

The weapons classes are exciting and different than any martial art I have known. This is my true passion! It’s fast and fun and who doesn’t love fighting with sticks and knives? 

Everyone who trains here has respect for one another and takes pride in what they are doing and learning. I have made valuable friendships that I will always treasure. Grahm's patience and accessibility help every student get the most from the classes no matter what their skill level. It is hard work, but worth every moment. Class is fun, exhilarating, and it is extremely empowering. I leave every class a better person and a better martial artist. I know now that I can defend my life and give myself a fighting chance. 

Since starting these classes three months ago, I have lost 10 pounds and lost two sizes. However, what I have gained means so much more. I have gained the skills and knowledge to become a better martial artist but most importantly, I have re-gained my self respect."

Amanda M. C.
Consultant Medical Herbalist
Dip. Phyto., MNIMH, RH (AHG), MNZAMH
Studio City, CA

"I knew what I wanted but simply could not afford it. Then I found Grahm. I found the money. Grahm's training is priceless. He teaches with an easy style at the highest intensity level. No one compares with Grahm."

Kelly B.
Phd, Family Therapist
Los Angeles, CA

"Since deciding in 2004 that the philosophy of ballet was too rigid for my spirit and body, I have been in search of an atmosphere where the passion for physical movement is coupled with respect for my individual learning process. Grahm's classes have increased my personal knowledge of the body and encouraged me to trust the signals that my body gives me from the inside out. 

Every class proves to me that this synthesis between information and personal awareness will not only protect my body from physical injury, but teaches me that it is the balance between these two ideas that actually makes it possible to reach further, work harder, go faster! 

Everyone who trains here is in it for real—no frill, no ego; just good times, great music, and a routine that’ll make you sweat till you bleed!"

Jordan W.
Personal Trainer
Woodland Hills, CA

"Until almost the middle of 2008, I could usually be found at the local bar or on my couch being lazy and drinking myself to sleep. When I moved back to Los Angeles, Grahm began telling me about his classes. I accepted his invitation to participate. After an hour of conditioning and an hour of martial arts training, I realized just how out of shape I was and found myself hooked on the program. I loved the effectiveness of it all, even at the beginner level. It's not a style taught to fight in tournaments. You could do that too, but it was obvious to me that what was taught was to teach you what actually works in a real fight. 

The group I trained with all encouraged me and each other, and didn't judge or make fun of how out of shape I was. Everyone trained with intensity, but the atmosphere was completely laid back. There was structure, but it wasn't like the strict, rigid form of traditional martial arts; everyone interacted, talked, made jokes and had a lot of fun, but still had the same respect for each other stressed so adamantly in most martial arts. 

One year later and I'm still training with Grahm and friends. But now I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm leaner, stronger, quicker, more agile, and I have greater endurance; all by leaps and bounds. But the best part for me, is thanks to Grahm Baker, his teachings and the other students, I haven't had a drink in over a year. I like to think of my training family as my sponsors; they encourage me in many ways."

Mark S.
Hollywood, CA

"I’ve been training with Grahm for over five years. He runs an excellent class, every class. I’m now finally able to find the “flow” that I’ve been waiting to experience. He combines concepts and attributes from many disciplines, I constantly get that “Oh yeah, that’s what that is!” feeling on the ride home from class and have to try it in my living room. This is a well thought out curriculum and its just plain fun."